Whether you are a seasoned therapist or new in the field, you will find that 95% of your clinical effectiveness comes from your ability to establish credibility, safety, and rapport in any therapeutic alliance.  The CEMA operates on the principles of attachment and family of origin influences; it is relationship based and works through its incredible ability to help clients make strong connections with you as you offer them invaluable insights into themselves.   As you help clients normalize their current state of confusion or pain in a de-shaming and linear way, they generally reciprocate with more trust and willingness to push through emotional discomfort in therapy, which leads to true work being done.   As a professional working in the field, I know from personal experience that nothing is more gratifying that walking with a client as they find Truth, context, and personal freedom.  This tool is the fastest method to reaching that place of true therapeutic insight and work.

To download: click on the title of my short post on Adjusting Your Expectations which was written for those who are considering going to a PHP or residential treatment center, or even simply looking to begin individual therapy at a local private practice.  It is a complimentary resource that may help keep things in perspective so you or a loved one can get the most out of their time in therapy.

Considering Residential Treatment?


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For many of your clients that have difficulty with learning from past mistakes, a underdeveloped identity, or need to create a template for healthier relationships, please use a complimentary copy of Cognitum.

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As a helping professional, do you feel frequently disheartened by your clients lack of progress or have difficulty establishing healing relationships?

Comprehensive Emotional Memory Assessment

Who would benefit from being trained in the Comprehensive Emotional Memory Assessment?

  • Licensed Clinicians or Registered Interns

  • Primary Care Givers

  • Life and Recovery Coaches

  • Business Leaders

  • Treatment Center Staff and Behavioral Techs

  • Spiritual or Lay Counselors

  • Educational Institutions 

  • Anyone seeking self growth and improved interpersonal relationships!